A collaboration of leading Retail Display and Merchandising Providers, who understand and specialize in retail.


retailers need more than a fixture provider; they need trusted, innovative solution providers.

With purchasing teams being downsized, buyers are stressed with greater workloads, new products, and new suppliers.  As trusted suppliers, naturally, the opportunities from our customers increased.  We were tasked with supporting our buyers’ new needs while maintaining their trusted supplier comfort.  The smart solution was to partner with other leading complimenting manufactures.  This allows us to be one contact, one purchase order, with fewer meetings for the customer. .. CRS will coordinate the details, the logistics, the delivery, do the installation, manage warranty and service.  

CRS Partners are all well-known market leaders, experienced and knowledgeable in the Retail sector who see the advantages of working in a team environment where the ability to brainstorm, co-create, co-develop and open to capitalize on the other partners’ strengths is key.

With client meetings each partner has the opportunity to discuss the capabilities of the whole team and draw on any of the other partner’s expertise.  Each partner has the comfort in knowing that their customer will enjoy the same level of trust and that execution is much easier with partners than when they are on their own.