The Right Team

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You need experts to win today.

Complete Retail Solutions exists to help retailers succeed by staying ahead of customer needs and advancing technology – both of which are ever evolving and rapidly changing.

To do this we have brought together passionate, experienced, best-of-breed retail specialists to provide end-to-end in-store solutions. By working together, collaborating and continually innovating we deliver solutions that ensure our clients succeed.

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Corum Digital

Amadeo Tarzia

416 342 0609

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Tracy Scanlon

General Manager
1 888 835 7929

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Greg Hyde

416 754 4891 x 227

Neil Trineer

V.P. Sales and Marketing
416 754 4891 x 222

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Greg Butler

705 748 4811 x 243

Glen Bonner

V.P. Sales and Marketing
705 748 4811 x 269

Southern Case-Arts

Dan McMurray

Executive Vice President
205 428 4800


Stephen Philpot

705 743 6493 x 2

Get us driving success for your business.

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